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A new online digital resource that helps students to develop their reading skills. Wonderful stories that ignite the imagination and are supported with embedded exercises, quizzes and activities based on the National Curriculum. A school subscription includes: The full book catalogue, quizzes and language games, film scripts, graphic novels and audio-books. Available on all devices, Polar Fish Books gives students a fantastic reading experience without distracting from the core learning focus.

An International School teacher speaks about Polar Fish

“We started using Polar Fish Interactive in September 2012. It was our first time working with ebooks and the experience was extremely rewarding.

Students presented their final activity to the class and gave a brief summary of the story as well as their feedback about the reading activity. We also made video trailers for the books as movies – which was a lot of fun and gave the students a real chance to explore ideas and methods of presentation. We found the interactive questions gave the students an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level – which was great to see. Although we did all the books in class time, there is a clear use here as fun homework assignments.

This is a terrific fiction resource for schools and a great way to really use technology in the classroom.”

Marja P, Finland.

Grades 7-9 English Teacher
Oulu International School